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12:17 AM darktable Bug #12089 (New): currently viewed photo in lighttable
case: three or more photos in a row displayed in lightable
Scrolling photos causes that currently selected photo is ...
12:00 AM darktable Feature #12088 (New): lightable preview with one photo
While browsing photos in lighttable in the left panel "image information" corresponds to photo with cursor over it.
10:52 PM darktable Feature #12057: starting screen
Made two files. After first run I deleted file and subsequent start log file has "2" suffix in name.
Off-topic: why ...
08:01 PM darktable Bug #12087 (Closed: invalid): B&W raw file (RAF)
For a while I had Fuji GFX50s camera and made few shots. Viewing B&W RAF files in lightable are B&W. In darkroom the ...


11:57 PM darktable Bug #12083: shadows and highlights giving weird changes
Not nice photo so please remove it after downloading it ;)
Can I ask for mail contact? I hope mine is visible by adm...
11:38 PM darktable Bug #12080: snapshot and magnification
I'm checking de-noise techniques and found that Robert Hutton noticed this as a bug in his darktable ver 1.3 :) Looks...


12:23 AM darktable Feature #12057: starting screen
on desktop Dell
first start: [init] startup took 16,632923 seconds
restarting darktable: [init] startup took 4,4080...


01:11 AM darktable Feature #12063: Add lua path to darktablerc
I would like to have not only lua directory but the whole directory from user to be placed in configurable place. Thi...
01:05 AM darktable Bug #12083 (Incomplete): shadows and highlights giving weird changes
I have strange behavior of highlights as seen on attachment. There is a rough gradient of changes when using default ...


11:23 PM darktable Bug #12080 (New): snapshot and magnification
Taking a snapshot and then resizing view (scroll mouse wheel) I get magnification only part of photo. This way I can'...

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