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09:54 PM darktable Feature #12181 (New): undo history for sliders
case: moving sliders without releasing mouse button and observing changes.
Is it possible to reduce number of regist...


12:17 AM darktable Bug #12147: mixed photos
This is already reported in Bug #11970. Please remove my report. Sorry for duplicating bug report ... that isn't a bug.
12:10 AM darktable Bug #12147 (Closed: invalid): mixed photos
I had a photo on which I made a snapshot. Then I went back to lightable and I chosen "Import image" which resulted in...


11:59 PM darktable Feature #12133 (New): popout sidecards
case - sidecards are hidden.
moving mouse to side could pop out hidden side panels, taking mouse away will hide it. ...
11:42 PM darktable Bug #12077: haze removal
Above are screen captures taken on dt ver 2.4.1 . Below attached are original RAW + xmp and another screen shot with ...


11:36 PM darktable Feature #12057: starting screen
1. uninstall left one file 2_4_1_cltest.log in the darktable\bin directory (so the directory as well - didn't make cl...


05:19 PM darktable Feature #12063: Add lua path to darktablerc
Make it possible to pass directory from where it should take configuration information.
Eg: darktable.exe -config f:...


01:04 AM darktable Bug #12103 (New): restore - maximize window
case - darktable is not full width on screen but touches top of screen, eg. on half screen only (top-bottom but not l...


12:17 AM darktable Bug #12089 (New): currently viewed photo in lighttable
case: three or more photos in a row displayed in lightable
Scrolling photos causes that currently selected photo is ...
12:00 AM darktable Feature #12088 (New): lightable preview with one photo
While browsing photos in lighttable in the left panel "image information" corresponds to photo with cursor over it.

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