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01:59 AM darktable Feature #12048 (New): Feature Request - Behavior
This request relates to browsing images in lighttable, specifically with regards to what images are shown when a filt...
01:41 AM darktable Bug #12046: Mask Manager does not have "mode" options when right-clicking
I can confirm this was user error. I was not on the paths inside of a module group. I believe this ticket should be c...
02:04 AM darktable Bug #12046 (Closed: invalid): Mask Manager does not have "mode" options when right-clicking
I have multiple shapes added to a group within the mask manager. When I right-click on one of those shapes the flyout...


04:56 PM darktable Bug #12039: add point to "Path" mask
I see it now, my mistake. Thanks very much!


08:08 PM darktable Bug #12039: add point to "Path" mask
This needs to be changed to "Feature" not bug. Sorry
08:07 PM darktable Bug #12039 (Closed: invalid): add point to "Path" mask
There may be a way to do this already, however, I cannot seem to find it mentioned in the manual. Please point me in ...
07:56 PM darktable Feature #12038 (Triaged): Ease adding many spot removal selections
When fixing many spots in an image (think shooting in the rain, perhaps) the spot removal tool can be a bit tedious t...
06:37 PM darktable Feature #10435: Custom order in modules (Favorites)
Bringing my voice in here as well. As others have mentioned, I see no reason that the modules must be presented to th...
06:02 PM darktable Feature #12036: Re-order Modules in GUI
Sorry about the duplicate, I had searched through the list prior to posting, but since that is "Closed, won't fix" it...
05:34 PM darktable Feature #12037 (New): Dodge and Burn with color temp
When dodging and burning I often like to shift the color temp of the dodged or burned area as well. I would love to s...

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