Philippe Weyland

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03:15 PM darktable Bug #12071 (Triaged): coroutine.yield with "WAIT_MS" doesn't work as expected
same as Bug #10246
I get the message: LUA ERROR : attempt to yield across a C-call boundary
whenever I run:...


10:36 PM darktable Bug #12045 (New): plugin check_for_updates fails
log found in darktable-log.txt...
10:26 PM darktable Bug #12044: Deleted Styles still appear
If I detach them from the images, they actually disappear from tag/darktable/style collection.
10:20 PM darktable Bug #12044 (New): Deleted Styles still appear
Despite I've deleted (styles/delete) the styles, they still appear in tag/darktable/style collection (collect images)...
05:37 PM darktable Feature #12043 (New): Relative presets / lighttable
Reviewing images on lighttable I can apply Style to improve an image without going to darkroom. Fine.
I think some p...


10:12 PM darktable Feature #12035 (New): Lua API : rename tag
Looking at Plugin rename tag I've seen that it creates the new tag, assigns it to each image assigned with the old on...

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