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04:07 PM darktable Camera Support #12092: Fujifilm X-E2 WB preset fw4.10


01:15 AM darktable Bug #11973: Crash in equalizer module
Can't reproduce using Arch Linux and the git master branch
12:57 AM darktable Bug #12119: Segfault on start in Arch Linux
No problem here. Debug symbols can be installed on Arch by adding "options=(debug !strip)" to the source PKGBUILD fil...
12:43 AM darktable Bug #12151: dt 2.4.2 metadata preset on import screen
This seems to be fixed in the git master branch
11:40 PM darktable Feature #12051: sorting modules
The modules are currently sorted according to their order in the pipeline, modules on top (ie sharpening) get applied...
11:20 PM darktable Feature #12202: OpenCL now works with AMD Ryzen 2400G APU
That's a statement not a feature request right? It would be a better fit for freenode #darktable, https://www.reddit....


04:41 AM darktable Bug #12214: Can't use "find location"
Fixed in (needs to be merged). The OpenStreetMap search URL is h...


01:57 AM darktable Bug #12214 (New): Can't use "find location"
"find location" on the map is broken.
When I type something and press Enter, I get "location search: Error on line 9...


03:21 PM darktable Camera Support #12092 (Patch attached): Fujifilm X-E2 WB preset fw4.10
Hello all,
I updated the white balance values for my Fujifilm X-E2 to the latest firmware using the provided extract...


08:48 PM darktable Revision 04b42133 (darktable): Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into x-e2-wb

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