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11:02 PM darktable Bug #12527: Luma preset of Denoise (profiled) module gets applied in wavelets mode instead non-local means
maybe make it a documentation bug then, so both match?


06:56 AM darktable Feature #12500: Format conversion during import for long term archive
I find it amusing that you really think over the time frames that you specified ... that one format parser might be p...


08:32 AM darktable Feature #12501: Option to save metadata and tags in the RAW file (instead of a sidecar)
AFAIK darktable has the premise
a) never to modify files
b) all edits go into sidecar files
There have been pl...


04:24 PM darktable Bug #12441: Non-monotonic curve in filmic, resulting image terrible
IN reply to comment #2 and #6 are those properly documented in the manual already?


08:00 PM darktable Bug #12417: Snapshot files name clash when multiple users use darktable (/tmp/dt_snapshot_$i.png)
they could probably be in .cache/darktable/ instead of /tmp/


03:11 PM darktable Camera Support #12396 (Fixed): Noise profiles Fuji X-T3
Done with:
results can be found here:...


03:58 PM darktable Bug #11901 (New): Webalbum export without trailing slash misbehaves
* in the export module select web gallery
* type as path $(HOME)/broken/export
This results in the following tree...


04:02 PM darktable Bug #11897 (Closed: won't fix): workflow difference between "crop and rotate" and "perspective correction"
with the "crop and rotate" module you can double on the image to finish fiddling with the module.
the same doesn't...
03:56 PM darktable Feature #11896 (New): Ask if the user wants to replace the style with the newly imported version
* import style a.dstyle
* try to import the same style again
Currently you get an easy to miss notification that ...
03:54 PM darktable Feature #11895 (New): allow shared storage of styles and exported module presets via $datadir/darktable/
Currently you have to import styles into your DB before you can apply them. This is especially annoying when you want...

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