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11:23 PM darktable Feature #12293 (New): Data Validation
With the proliferation of SSDs, bit rot is becoming even more common.
Therefore the idea is to store in the databas...


06:38 AM darktable Bug #12287 (New): orientation module on/off
The on/off switch for the orientation module does not work.
If you rotate an image, and then turn the the module off...


05:46 AM darktable Bug #11826: Missing GPS data from DNG
Ok, five more imports trying to repeat the issue, import just one folder. All three main folders. selected images.......


02:26 PM darktable Bug #11826: Missing GPS data from DNG
I have a bunch of images with the skull and cross bones.
So I dropped the dt database and re-imported, skipping som...
06:45 AM darktable Bug #11826: Missing GPS data from DNG
Verified running 1049
1. Since only play data, deleted the darktable database files in C:/Users/dvspe/AppData/Local/...


02:24 PM darktable Bug #11826 (Closed: invalid): Missing GPS data from DNG
DNG file created in Lightroom, from Canon CR2 raw file.
Attached is a screenshot of the location meta-data inside Li...


05:35 AM darktable Bug #11820: Import Crashes
Fixed in the new build. Not sure how I ended up installing the old release.


07:09 AM darktable Bug #11820 (Fixed): Import Crashes
Trying to import images, darktable crashes.
Steps to reproduce (not sure all required, but this is what is on my sys...


08:51 PM darktable Feature #11784 (New): Image Versions
There are multiple occasions where actual versions of source image would be valuable.
First use case is when importi...

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