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08:36 PM darktable Bug #10887: Running a lot slower on a much faster machine
Just tried 2.6.0, with exactly the same problem. It is still too slow for productive use.


05:31 PM darktable Bug #10764: Slow hover response over Lighttable Thumbnails
Just to add another datapoint, I use DT on Mac, Windows and Linux and have very little trouble with DT on Windows (Su...
12:08 PM darktable Feature #8507: Please add file rename functionality
I'd like to chime in on this. I'd love to be able to batch rename my photos to a format like YYYYMMDDHHMMSS... (plus ...


11:12 PM darktable Bug #11971: black screen macOS Fillscreen mode
I can confirm this is happening to me too. The workaround is to maximize the window "normally" (i.e., by hand...), bu...
11:10 PM darktable Bug #10887: Running a lot slower on a much faster machine
I'd like to add that 2.4.1 still exhibits this issue. Using Darktable on a modern, 2017 iMac is _much_ slower than on...


02:15 PM darktable Feature #11709 (New): Not possible to side scroll using trackpad or (enhanced) mouse wheel
The light table view and the filmstrip do not recognise side scrolling events as sent by the Apple Magic Trackpad and...

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