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02:21 PM darktable Revision ecef006d (darktable): live view: avoid a rotation if it's not needed


06:42 PM darktable Revision ac8a9508 (darktable): tiff: add support for exporting masks
06:41 PM darktable Revision 7495c54c (darktable): add infrastructure to add masks to exported images
06:37 PM darktable Revision e0876c30 (darktable): exr: don't uses memcpy in legacy_params()
05:21 PM darktable Revision 07bc083f (darktable): Revert "lua/init: kill toast during initialization."
This reverts commit 8fd3f76b7bb942c5f352f2f98d27a5c57e5c82b2.
This is no longer needed, it was a fix for a commit tha...


10:41 PM darktable Revision f275e28f (darktable): css: make insensitive bauhaus more different
otherwise it's basically impossible to see what widgets are insensitive.
these colors still allow one to read the tex...
09:26 PM darktable Revision 8e9f6822 (darktable): Revert "move toast message to bauhaus.c"
This reverts commit 12041936d0d85a0b7b077c08d242d7fdee240d28.
That commit made random messages popup when starting d...
02:48 PM darktable Revision cf54b4be (darktable): l10n: small fix in German translation
02:18 PM darktable Revision 265c8bc8 (darktable): crawler: don't write into sqlite3 string results
i am not sure if it's safe to write into memory returned by sqlite3, but
i assume that they are const for a reason ...
02:16 PM darktable Revision 12515365 (darktable): crawler: ignore missing images
in cases where the image file is missing but the xmp is still there we
would otherwise run into the problem that the ...

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