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12:35 PM darktable Feature #11954 (Triaged): Save presets in "Find location" module of Map view
What would be the preferred way, storing all the current search results in a preset, or just the one selected? I'd sa...
10:28 AM darktable Revision 387af595 (darktable): usermanual: Fix wrong description of sliders


03:44 PM darktable Bug #11953 (Triaged): Missing preference button
Please upload your darktablerc! You can find it in ~/.config/darktable/. On OSX you have to show hidden files to see ...
03:30 PM darktable Feature #8850 (Fixed): Keybindings for zooming should be global
03:29 PM darktable Feature #11031 (Fixed): Lighttable view: keyboard shortcuts for zoom in/zoom out
03:28 PM darktable Feature #11500 (Fixed): Keyboard navigation for zoomed photos in darkroom view
Fixed with commit:67f39f982573285644ef86c5ab28b03980d88d4b
12:45 PM darktable Bug #11952 (Closed: invalid): Unauthorized File Encryption on Windows 10
Either you have a virus on your computer that infected the darktable binaries or your anti virus is wrong. I don't se...
12:39 PM darktable Feature #11927 (Incomplete): Please improve 2.4 Windows version performance
Please show the performance logs Peter asked for. Without those we don't even know what we are talking about – is the...
11:10 AM darktable Revision f69904f9 (darktable): Slightly change a wording in release notes


10:26 PM darktable Revision c34a3d95 (darktable): Add camera support changes to release notes

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