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04:27 PM darktable Bug #12439: Cannot rename any iop
I confirm that commit:41e3fc8b fixes this issue of rename functionality for me on Ubuntu 18.04 but the same problem s...


04:06 PM darktable Bug #12444: Inconsistency in color balance iop
I think 25% saturation is enough for offset and power but I sometimes find it not enough for slope. Isn't it better t...
02:27 PM darktable Bug #12445 (Confirmed): Incorrect view for second color balance iop instance
When a new instance of the color balance iop is created, it shows color control sliders in "both" mode while the "col...
02:23 PM darktable Bug #12444 (Closed: won't fix): Inconsistency in color balance iop
When "color control sliders" set to "HSL" or "both" modes the max value for the saturation sliders of offset/lift, ga...


01:30 PM darktable Bug #12439: Cannot rename any iop
The GNOME Shell version is 3.28.3
This is strange for me, too. When I comment out the following line in imageop.c (l...


05:52 AM darktable Bug #12441: Non-monotonic curve in filmic, resulting image terrible
I think the "normal" behaviour of this iop is sometimes hard to understand for an average user. Another example to de...


09:40 PM darktable Bug #12439: Cannot rename any iop
That's the default desktop environment of Ubuntu 18.04 (GNOME3 over xorg). I disabled all my Gnome-shell extensions b...
05:45 PM darktable Bug #12439 (New): Cannot rename any iop
When I select "rename" option for an iop, the popup box does not appear. I investigated it in the source code and it ...


11:48 AM darktable Bug #12258 (New): Store preset problem with wildcard character in collect images module
Presets containing the wildcard character (%) do not work as expected in collect image module. They simply do not fil...


06:57 PM darktable Bug #11789: Clicking an option on a popup menu also clicks the option beneath the menu
This issue is addressed in #11818. Please close this.

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