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01:57 AM darktable Feature #10137 (Incomplete): highlight values found in colour picker area or mask
< LotR> hmm, I think I found a bug that qualifies as feature for me. if you select spot white balance and draw a rect...
12:11 AM darktable Feature #10136 (New): put lua API reference in a seperate part of the manual
I'm working with boucman on the lua API documentation, and I thought it would be a good
idea to move the API documen...
11:41 PM darktable Feature #10135 (New): lua factory API ideas
< LotR> boucman: hmm. so there's a section on darktable.modules.format and a seperate one on types.dt_imageio_module_...


07:21 PM darktable Feature #9714: post-crop dimensions
The reason I used that export example was to use the data so you could easily have the maximum sized output, while st...
02:30 PM darktable Feature #9714 (Triaged): post-crop dimensions
It would be nice if the Image Information 'tab' (in both the lighttabe and the darkroom) would also display the dimen...

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