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12:37 AM darktable Bug #9694 (Incomplete): Crash on startup after crash while removing images
Well, I don't know if this bug is reproducable - on my computer it is, but I don't know exactly what happens, but the...
12:26 AM darktable Feature #9693 (Incomplete): Possibility to delete/modify filmrolls
It can happen, that you read the same directory more than once (at least I have the same roll more than once for what...
12:21 AM darktable Bug #9692 (Incomplete): (Re-)synchronization of directories doesn't work
When you delete the xmp Files of a directory for whatever reason, it seems that darktable is not able to synchronize ...


01:18 AM darktable Bug #9684: Right panel not rendered correctly in light table
I am a darktable newbie, so probably not because I don't really know what you mean. It seams just that the panel of m...
09:47 PM darktable Bug #9684 (In Progress): Right panel not rendered correctly in light table
The right panel is not rendered correctly (at least in Gnome and Cinnamon with resolution 1920x1080) when a scrollbar...


11:39 PM darktable Feature #9680 (New): Enable scrolling in film strip without mouse
At the moment, moving the film strim forward/backward with the mouse wheel works fine. Without a mousewheel (e.g. whe...

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