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02:17 PM darktable Bug #12599: the option to erase or save as new file on conflicts isn't saved in export profiles
That is not a bug. This is by design to avoid overwritting by accident.


09:55 PM darktable Bug #12464: Darktable Windows 2.6.0rc1 fails to start with error 0xc0000142
there is a new build of RC2 now on
12:30 PM darktable Bug #12464: Darktable Windows 2.6.0rc1 fails to start with error 0xc0000142
There is a discussion on this here:
Looks like...


11:35 AM darktable Bug #12325: OpenCL issues with Nvidia GTX 770
> 0.138597 [opencl_init] device 0 `GeForce GTX 770' allows GPU memory allocations of up to 499MB
500 MB is not muc...


02:11 PM darktable Feature #12302: Labelling and metadata works on mouse (h)over image instead of clicked image or image viewed/edited
I like this behaviour. It saves me many clicks. You can move the mouse somewhere out of the images areas and your sel...


04:27 PM darktable Bug #10345: Color of exported images changed due to the switch 'embedded matrix over camera matrix ' for Pentax DNG
I guess this has been supersede by darktable-chart?
04:11 PM darktable Bug #12306: In Map view, "find location" generates error and no search
duplicate of
should be fixed with


10:26 AM darktable Bug #12320: Since > x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-396.24-r1 opencl does not work anymore
Did you use nvidia packages from your distribution?
In this case there might be separate packages for the driver a...


09:26 AM darktable Bug #12308: Better Performance without OpenCL support
Just some comments from an user.
Lorenzo Lu wrote:
> I know my GPU is not a monster of power, but sho...


02:29 PM darktable Bug #12271: Enabling contrast, brightness and saturation grouping is affecting image
I think that is per design.

darktable does not clamp color values to valid values by default. (https://www.darkta...

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