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02:27 PM darktable Bug #11951: Top left image in darkroom uses wrong sizes
Confirmed, indeed overlaps.


12:19 PM darktable Revision 434e91d2 (darktable): Few additional changes to the Windows BUILD.txt
(cherry picked from commit 65485741466ba1ee836bd9ea370124c908722417)
12:18 PM darktable Revision 886eef7f (darktable): Handling stdout on Windows: free default console window if it's no...
(cherry picked from commit abe887e7db81ca8c460111d1c7cc80546d535c78)
12:17 PM darktable Revision eecbcf75 (darktable): Keyboard zoom: updating zoom factors
(cherry picked from commit 67f39f982573285644ef86c5ab28b03980d88d4b)
12:15 PM darktable Revision f429f0e0 (darktable): Help text: move log file location to the end of the help text
(cherry picked from commit 3677a41d6abfad40fb9567236e5aa294c079434e)
12:14 PM darktable Revision c0d29376 (darktable): Handling stdout on Windows: do not redirect stdout for simple cmdl...
(cherry picked from commit 620f9cbf711c685ab0424dc32195fd4d601d8acf)
12:12 PM darktable Revision 1336fdf0 (darktable): Make clang build work on Windows as well
(cherry picked from commit be6de4a615d4b2472c94375289161692a5447e88)
12:09 PM darktable Revision 2974e36b (darktable): Keyboard zoom: set default accelerator to GDK_KEY_plus and GDK_KEY...
(cherry picked from commit 2119ec8b040b47cf77ce93fa956f638281cdba54)
12:09 PM darktable Revision f680786d (darktable): Keyboard navigation: add fine and coarse control (CTRL and ALT) to...
Also take into consideration scale when calculating move
(cherry picked from commit ec60841d285596441fe3375695680cdf...
12:09 PM darktable Revision beb6f3ae (darktable): Keyboard: add global zoom accelerators
Add keyboard navigation for zoomed photos in darkroom view
(cherry picked from commit 125088468bca1f8382438af0aa145b...

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