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10:04 PM darktable Bug #11744: Nikon camera not recognized
Hi Michel, have you added the "2>&1" at the end of the command to redirect the output to the file?
The complete comm...
03:23 PM darktable Bug #11744: Nikon camera not recognized
Ok Michel, I hope it won't be too technical.
Basically we would need a detailed log from the camera recognition, ...


12:27 AM darktable Revision a8648f51 (darktable): Adding python3 to the dependencies
Due to lensfun update
12:19 AM darktable Revision 88bf54fa (darktable): Add a new step to appveyor CI
Adding lensfun update
12:03 AM darktable Bug #11744: Nikon camera not recognized
Nikon cameras are handled by the ptp2.dll in darktable\lib\libgphoto2\2.5.14 folder.
I'm thinking about a way to hav...


02:37 PM darktable Revision c33c0797 (darktable): CI: Use version string for build version in Appveyor


02:17 PM darktable Bug #11735 (Fixed): Trashing image file cannot trash the sidecar file on Windows
1. Select an image which aas been imported earlier
2. Try to trash it
3. The image file itself is properly ...
02:13 PM darktable Bug #11731: darktable-2.3.0+898-ge47c49cfc-win64.exe
OK thank you, then we can close the issue for now.
08:31 AM darktable Bug #11731: darktable-2.3.0+898-ge47c49cfc-win64.exe
Glad to hear that OpenCL works now for you. So one issue sorted out.
The reason you don't have a crash with OpenCL i...


04:08 PM darktable Feature #11726: How to update lensfun db on Windows?
the darktable installer is installing lensfun to:...

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