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07:59 AM darktable Bug #8491 (Fixed): File not available, better reporting
On 0.8, darktable prints out an individual error for every file that isn't available. This isn't very helpful if seve...
07:53 AM darktable Feature #8490 (Fixed): Collection plugin: missing files
My image library isn't managed by darktable, so every now and then files are moved and/or deleted. Currently, DT -- c...


09:42 AM darktable Feature #8484 (Fixed): Keyboard shortcut for developing image from darkroom
*Wanted:* a keyboard shortcut (ctrl+e, perhaps?) for developing the image currently in view from within darkroom.
08:54 AM darktable Bug #8483: Error in GPSInfo directory
Couldn't attach RAW/NEF due to filesize restrictions, but you can get it from here:
08:46 AM darktable Bug #8483 (Closed: invalid): Error in GPSInfo directory
Errors reported in GPSInfo directory in JPEG:s created by Darktable (0.8).
Result when running on original RAW/NEF...

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