Andreas Schneider




10:55 PM darktable Revision f503ecc4 (darktable): ci: Add libcmocka-dev for future unit testing
10:55 PM darktable Revision c43cb686 (darktable): ci: Reformat package list


12:13 AM darktable Revision e3e59416 (darktable): imageio: Fix a compiler warning
src/imageio/format/avif.c:207:11: error: ‘format’ may be used
uninitialized in this function [-Werror=maybe-unini...


11:48 PM darktable Revision 2f82a6e4 (darktable): common: Fix build warnings in imageio_avif.c
Fixes #4042


01:59 PM darktable Revision a96a1aac (darktable): cmake: Only look for avif cmake configs and not find modules
Should reduce output of cmake when not available.
12:02 PM darktable Revision 4796e553 (darktable): cmake: Do not set stack sizes via compiler command line
According to musl libc developers this should be done with
pthread_attr_setstacksize() which we're already doing.
12:02 PM darktable Revision d07a7ac7 (darktable): cache: Fix build of AddressSanitzer with gcc
12:02 PM darktable Revision ebdb0abe (darktable): cmake: Add confiure checks for pthread members
12:02 PM darktable Revision 60e2722a (darktable): cmake: Move check for phthread one level up
This way we can do configure checks for pthread features


08:45 PM darktable Revision 56171c7b (darktable): common:cpuid: Correctly check for __get_cpuid() support

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