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12:20 PM darktable Feature #8548 (Triaged): Export module scaling options and full-size caching
When using image scaling in export module, it could allow one to choose the method for scaling. So instead of the cur...
11:27 AM darktable Bug #8547 (Fixed): "export selected" module does not adjust filter strengths for scaled-down images
In darktable 0.9.1rc-35.git.1cea3e8, when exporting scaled-down images using the "export selected" module, some filte...


11:52 PM darktable Feature #8530 (Triaged): Usage of (self-created or -modified) templates for web gallery export
Template support for export module's web gallery export would give the user the freedom to create own look-and-feel.
11:45 PM darktable Feature #8529 (Triaged): Using of variables in export module web gallery's title field
It would be nice if variables such as $(ROLL_NAME) would get expanded in web gallery export's title field (export mod...
10:48 PM darktable Bug #8528 (Duplicate): In some (all?) modules, when deleting a profile, any other profile of the same name gets deleted, too.
- Save two settings profiles of the same name but with different settings in export module.
- Delete ...


11:35 PM darktable Bug #8486 (Fixed): Selection in lighttable mode changes after entering and leaving darkroom mode
After entering darkroom mode, editing an image and leaving darkroom mode, often the selection of images has changed, ...


06:09 PM darktable Feature #8485 (Fixed): More variable names in export selected images module


03:12 PM darktable Bug #8482 (Fixed): Unable to set 5 stars in darkroom mode
In darkroom mode, one may set 1, 2, 3 or 4 stars in the photo strip at the bottom, but setting to 5 stars does not wo...


09:27 PM darktable Bug #8478: Creating an HDR from CR2 raws results in an uncorrectable pink tinted DNG image
Creating HDRs from Nikon D90 NEF raws works on the same system.
Problem persists with Canon CR2 raws.
Version 0.8...


11:49 PM darktable Bug #8478: Creating an HDR from CR2 raws results in an uncorrectable pink tinted DNG image
As there had been some dng/HDR related fixes to rawspeed code, I pulled darktable 0.8+209~g99155de and rebuilt, but t...

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