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01:24 AM darktable Bug #10305: Images displayed in cropped window after upgrade (1.4.2 - 1.6)
I can confirm this bug. Unfortunately it still exists with 1.6.2 which I installed some moments ago.
The 'screen_ppd...


09:27 PM darktable Feature #9437: Lighttable: Increase/decrease rating; forward to next image
Feature 1: DONE I added a first implementation to increase/decrease ratings:
09:20 PM darktable Wiki edit: LuaScripts14 (#20)
09:19 PM darktable Wiki edit: LuaScripts14 (#19)


08:56 PM darktable Wiki edit: LuaUsage (#4)
typo fixes


10:33 PM darktable Bug #9811 (Fixed): Rating assigned to wrong image on v1.4
Using lighttable, single image mode (Alt+1):
Works as expected:
Hovering an image shows the rating for this image...


11:19 AM darktable Feature #9239: Upload styles to website in lighttable mode
Hi, this one looks really promising to me! :)
As far as I understood you now calculate the previews serverside?! I...


02:53 PM darktable Bug #8859: Current implementation of move-functionality (yay!) uses "folders" instead of "film rolls"
Related to #9732
02:52 PM darktable Feature #9732: Move folders
Thanks for automatically deleting empty folders. That makes it easier to move folders.
Anyhow I would ask you to r...


01:41 AM darktable Bug #9792 (Closed: invalid): Duplicates not exported
When exporting an image and its duplicate you only get 1 exported image (instead of 2).
Accordingly when exporting a...

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