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02:00 PM darktable Bug #9316 (Duplicate): osx uses command not control for keyboard shortcuts
keyboard shortcuts like select all (ctrl-a) or quit (ctrl-q) that use control on non-osx should use command as the mo...
01:45 PM darktable Bug #9315 (New): rapid clicks on panel collapse arrows or libraries reveal arrows are not registered (osx)
on osx, clicking quickly on the panel collapse arrows or library collapse arrows, the clicks are not always registere...
01:41 PM darktable Feature #9314 (Triaged): Increase visibility of slider handles
I didn't even know it was a slider at first, it's nearly the exact same color as the background.
01:30 PM darktable Feature #9313 (Closed: won't fix): add right/left arrow keys to map to space/backspace functions in DR mode
When the filmstrip is enabled in DR mode, space and backspace will go next/prev respectively.
The filmstrip is ori...
01:21 PM darktable Feature #9312 (New): Faster image switching in DR mode?
Right now, switching images in darkroom mode using the default key commands of space/backspace _feels_ slow from a UI...
01:17 PM darktable Feature #9311 (Closed: upstream): full screen support on osx?
OSX now (10.8) has an API for integrating with the WM's virtual desktop system as a full-screen app, and this would b...
12:40 PM darktable Bug #9310 (Triaged): ui lag when ungrouping a few hundred images
os: osx 10.8.3
darktable: 1.1.4
steps to reproduce:
1) select ~200 images
2) selected image[s] -> group
3) s...

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