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04:54 PM darktable Feature #12014: Profiled denoise: consider Fuji DR setting for noise profile selection
Björn Sonnenschein wrote:
> Fujifilm cameras provide a dynamic range setting, which performs underexposure by using ...


06:06 PM darktable Bug #11843: opencl broken with nvidia-384
michael rasmussen wrote:
> I have chosen target version 2.4 but it would be nice if the fix was backported to 2.2.5 ...


01:35 PM darktable Bug #11744: [Tethering] Nikon camera not recognized
Michel PETTE wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> For information, after the last new Windows 10 version 1709 release, the Zadig dr...


09:14 PM darktable Revision 95096b0e (darktable): lua_doc: added note about blocking nature of intermediate-export-image
08:57 PM darktable Revision 5cccbeea (darktable): Revert due to rawspeed inclusion.
This reverts commit 709d933e82726e192b1ba24cd00af59ea65a1161.
08:37 PM darktable Revision 709d933e (darktable): lua_doc: added note about blocking nature of intermediate-export-image


09:53 PM darktable Revision 405b352b (darktable): dt_imageio_export_with_flags(): sync call lua intermediate-export-image event
intermediate-export-image lua event is supposed to be run after
processed image is exported to chosen format, but bef...


10:06 PM darktable Bug #11763: Exported image looks different than darkroom
Pedro Pimenta wrote:
> Tobias Ellinghaus wrote:
> > I sure hope that the output looks different than the input, you...


06:07 PM darktable Revision 6d7758b0 (darktable): Refactoring and cleanup
dt_image_import_internal() made to be static.
wrappers dt_image_import() and dt_image_import_lua() declared as
04:49 PM darktable Revision bc43e4ca (darktable): dt_image_import(): refactoring for optional LUA locking
dt_image_import() was refactored into dt_image_import_internal()
and 2 wrapper functions: dt_image_import() and dt_im...

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