Chris Nuzzaco




05:27 AM darktable Feature #9264: Live View Overlay Controls
Can cairo recognize alpha channels? That would probably be *one of the best* solutions since I could create a perfect...


09:29 AM darktable Bug #9267 (Closed: invalid): Live View Overlay Double Image
There is a strange double image showing up when you overlay images in the live view mode. It's offset by about 50 or ...
08:40 AM darktable Feature #9266 (Triaged): Unmount Camera / Media Module
I've been using Darktable mainly for compositing work. I would love to be able to work fullscreen and never leave, bu...
08:10 AM darktable Bug #9265 (New): Scan for devices refresh issue
I've noticed that when I work in tethered mode, if I turn the camera off I'll be sent back to the light table. I'll s...
07:36 AM darktable Feature #9264 (Triaged): Live View Overlay Controls
I've noticed that there are no options for adjusting an overlayed images blending mode strength or any blend if param...

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