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06:52 PM darktable Bug #10978 (New): rawprepare can produce very different results in preview and full pipe
06:52 PM darktable Feature #10425 (New): Lens IOP: better iteraction between autodetection and user-set params
06:52 PM darktable Feature #9273 (New): lens correction enhancement - more understandable interface
06:52 PM darktable Camera Support #11955 (In Progress): Please add support for Sony DSC-RX10M4
04:53 PM darktable Bug #11957 (In Progress): Failed to read camera white balance information
Marcin Bajor wrote:
> Roman Lebedev wrote:
> > Don't convert raws to DNG.
> I will, but
> now I have a lot of D...
04:21 PM darktable Bug #11957: Failed to read camera white balance information
Don't convert raws to DNG.
03:00 PM darktable Bug #11951: Top left image in darkroom uses wrong sizes
It depends on the sidepanel size.
I'm not sure if/how it should be changed, especially since majority of photos are ...
11:41 AM darktable Revision 4996fefa (darktable): Merge pull request #1635 from dtorop/monochrome-wb-fix-fix
temperature: fix reload_defaults


01:57 PM darktable Bug #11953 (Closed: invalid): Missing preference button
Either ctrl-h, or clicking on that upper arrow, or some combination/order of those two actions will restore it.
09:35 AM darktable Camera Support #11949: Nikon D5600 Raw Files >ISO 10000 not loading, white balance reading error
Eduardo Battaglia wrote:
> Roman Lebedev wrote:
> > Sweet!
> > Those are 'nef lossy after split' raws, and i've be...

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