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04:07 AM darktable Feature #11690 (Fixed): Make rating comparator selection a dropdown
Hi all,
Please see the attached screen cap.
What I've highlighted is the modifier that appears between the word 'Vi...


12:12 AM darktable Feature #11623 (Closed: upstream): Getting metadata from other apps into darktable
Hi all,
Apologies if this is not the place to post such questions...
I'm about to head off on a month long (and ver...


04:26 AM darktable Feature #11541 (Triaged): Drop down history menu in "Base directory naming patterns" field
As a recent convert from Windoze and Lightroom, one of the things I miss is the ability to run different 'catalogues'...


11:04 AM darktable Feature #11516 (New): Read memory card in reverse order
I shoot images in batches, until a memory card is full.
Then I grab another card, delete the old images from it, and...


06:50 AM darktable Bug #11480: Import from camera or memory card
Ahhh. Just discovered that closing dt and relaunching forces it to read the new images on the memory card.
06:18 AM darktable Bug #11480 (New): Import from camera or memory card
Just discovered that if you import images from memory card in one import session, and then shoot more images and try ...


01:21 AM darktable Feature #11479 (New): Scroll bar on right side of Light table view
I know you can scale the thumbnails down until you can see 21 across, but when you have many tens of thousands of ima...
01:33 PM darktable Bug #11478 (Closed: invalid): Crop and Rotate/Keystone control not functioning
Just went to try and keystone an image that I hadn't shot exactly 'square on', set keystoning to 'full', adjusted the...


08:29 AM darktable Bug #11472 (Fixed): Lightroom tone curves not being correctly interpreted
I've recently jumped ship from Windows/Adobe, and one of the things I've noticed is that images which feature a LR to...


02:42 AM darktable Feature #11459 (Incomplete): Mouse behaviour
As a recent convert to (Linux and) darktable, one of the most frustrating issues I have is that if I mouse over a tex...

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