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03:22 AM darktable Feature #12610 (New): Ability to set "overwrite" as default option for export
Hey guys,
Just wondered if we could have an option in Preferences to make the "Overwrite existing" (on naming confli...


03:44 AM darktable Bug #12382 (Closed: invalid): "Show mask" and monochrome module
Not really a bug per se, but a viewer of my youtube videos raised the point, that when you enable the "show mask" but...


12:04 AM darktable Bug #12363: Export option for "long edge"/"short edge"
Thanks for the response, and yes, you are correct.
That does exactly what I wanted it to do!
I could have ...


01:26 PM darktable Bug #12363 (Closed: invalid): Export option for "long edge"/"short edge"
Hey guys,
I would like to propose an export option to set the dimensions for the "long side" or "short side" of expo...


09:00 AM darktable Bug #12193 (New): Nested keywords
Hi all.
Maybe I misunderstand the nature of nested tags, but I'm sure this behaviour has changed somewhere along the...


10:00 AM darktable Bug #12151 (New): dt 2.4.2 metadata preset on import screen
Hi all,
Just noticed that the metadata presets list (on the "import image/folder" dialogue box) has a transparent ba...


11:39 AM darktable Bug #11900 (New): Clearing unused tags from the database
Sorry for posting this as a bug... it's not a bug, just a question.
Because I imported a gazillion images from Light...


04:07 AM darktable Feature #11690 (Fixed): Make rating comparator selection a dropdown
Hi all,
Please see the attached screen cap.
What I've highlighted is the modifier that appears between the word 'Vi...


12:12 AM darktable Feature #11623 (Closed: upstream): Getting metadata from other apps into darktable
Hi all,
Apologies if this is not the place to post such questions...
I'm about to head off on a month long (and ver...


04:26 AM darktable Feature #11541 (Triaged): Drop down history menu in "Base directory naming patterns" field
As a recent convert from Windoze and Lightroom, one of the things I miss is the ability to run different 'catalogues'...

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