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09:49 PM darktable Feature #10083 (Closed: won't fix): darkroom module for adding a suffix and/or prefix to file names for export
For most large jobs I'll do my initial edits and then duplicate all the files I've kept which then all get the same s...


11:24 PM darktable Feature #8777: Styles in Export options
Tobias Ellinghaus wrote:
> Grep the git log to find the relevant commits.
Are the styles applied during the expor...


01:49 AM darktable Bug #8539: IPTC metadata from original file not included in exported files
I did confirm the IPTC data is not exported in version 1.0 as well. Just updated today.


07:20 PM darktable Feature #8601: Equalizer mix setting not persisting
Replying to [comment:1 simn]:
> Hi,
> I can confirm that the mix value isn't stored (v1.0). But for me the resu...


07:17 PM darktable Feature #8603 (Fixed): Option to copy history stack when creating duplicate
When selecting multiple images in lighttable mode and then clicking on the duplicate button I would like to have the ...
06:54 PM darktable Bug #8602 (Fixed): Documentation licence not compatible with Free Software
The current "user documentation": is licensed under the "CC BY-NC-SA 3.0":http://...
05:50 PM darktable Feature #8580: Allow custom selection of plugins retained by the 'copy' button of history stack plugin
I would also like to see this. Perhaps it might make since to make this similar to the advanced editing interface fo...
05:47 PM darktable Feature #8601 (Closed: won't fix): Equalizer mix setting not persisting
I'm having trouble with the equalizer settings in 0.9.3 not persisting once I've moved away from a picture in darkroo...
02:34 PM darktable Bug #8552: Crop and rotate frame does not show aspect
I've also found this to be quite frustrating in 0.9.3


05:03 PM darktable Bug #8539 (In Progress): IPTC metadata from original file not included in exported files
I just noticed that the IPTC metadata present in my source files does not get written to the files exported from them...

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