Russell Harrison




09:49 PM darktable Feature #10083 (Closed: won't fix): darkroom module for adding a suffix and/or prefix to file nam...
For most large jobs I'll do my initial edits and then duplicate all the files I've kept which then all get the same s...


11:24 PM darktable Feature #8777: Styles in Export options
Tobias Ellinghaus wrote:
> Grep the git log to find the relevant commits.
Are the styles applied during the expor...


01:49 AM darktable Bug #8539: IPTC metadata from original file not included in exported files
I did confirm the IPTC data is not exported in version 1.0 as well. Just updated today.


07:20 PM darktable Feature #8601: Equalizer mix setting not persisting
Replying to [comment:1 simn]:
> Hi,
> I can confirm that the mix value isn't stored (v1.0). But for me the resu...


07:17 PM darktable Feature #8603 (Fixed): Option to copy history stack when creating duplicate
When selecting multiple images in lighttable mode and then clicking on the duplicate button I would like to have the ...
06:54 PM darktable Bug #8602 (Fixed): Documentation licence not compatible with Free Software
The current "user documentation": is licensed under the "CC BY-NC-SA 3.0":http://...
05:50 PM darktable Feature #8580: Allow custom selection of plugins retained by the 'copy' button of history stack p...
I would also like to see this. Perhaps it might make since to make this similar to the advanced editing interface fo...
05:47 PM darktable Feature #8601 (Closed: won't fix): Equalizer mix setting not persisting
I'm having trouble with the equalizer settings in 0.9.3 not persisting once I've moved away from a picture in darkroo...
02:34 PM darktable Bug #8552: Crop and rotate frame does not show aspect
I've also found this to be quite frustrating in 0.9.3


05:03 PM darktable Bug #8539 (In Progress): IPTC metadata from original file not included in exported files
I just noticed that the IPTC metadata present in my source files does not get written to the files exported from them...

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