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11:58 AM darktable Revision c5ec0326 (darktable): clarify group head change mechanism (#1696)
It might be difficult for new users of the group mode to figure out how to change the group head because the icon onl...


02:08 AM darktable Bug #12314: segfault when selection preset in "collect images" module
Note that I'm not *completely* sure of the preset settings: that's only from memory. I can't figure out how to find t...
02:00 AM darktable Bug #12314 (New): segfault when selection preset in "collect images" module
I have made a preset to look for images that were exported (tag: @darktable|exported@) and in the current year (film ...


06:29 PM darktable Bug #10629 (Fixed): slight documentation error in basecurve tool
it seems the cmake path is wrong:...


09:41 PM darktable Feature #8415: camera import: using Exif-date
here's my homegrown script... it uses exiftool to import the pictures, then throws git-annex in to track them properl...


05:49 AM darktable Feature #8415: camera import: using Exif-date
Rudolf Martin wrote:
> It seems the task in github is closed without result.
i have reopened a separate PR after ...


04:27 PM darktable Bug #9457: segfault in dt_lightroom_import()
Wait what..? The backtrace clearly crashes in, and it crashes badly:...


09:02 AM darktable Bug #9707 (Triaged): darktable doesn't detect out of disk conditions on import
I ran out of disk today, and import was behaving weirdly:
* images wouldn't show up in the UI
* yet images woul...


05:06 PM darktable Bug #9465 (Duplicate): lighttable should return to the currently selected photo
When going to darkroom mode after double-clicking a photo, it is easy to get lost on the way back to the light table,...
05:00 PM darktable Feature #9460 (Patch attached): tool to regroup confused images
.CR2 and _CR2.jpg files, this is from a Canon Powershot G12.
But they were imported from a Shotwell directory, and...

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