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04:05 PM darktable Bug #12480: duplicate.c → "developpement" typo
Not sure either, what you would recommend? Duplicate as in GitHub?
03:59 PM darktable Bug #12480 (Closed: upstream): duplicate.c → "developpement" typo
Closing here. Thanks.


10:13 PM darktable Bug #12464 (Fixed): Darktable Windows 2.6.0rc1 fails to start with error 0xc0000142
Indeed, closing this report. The new build is fixed.
06:49 PM darktable Bug #12478 (Fixed): darktable 2.6 RC) Rc1 and RC2 Fails to open error 0cx0000142 New hardware re...
Fixed, try the new Windows build on GitHub.
03:42 PM darktable Feature #12476: Priorize poor-usability before even-more-functionality (at least for a while)
> - Have some logical order in the module list (at least alphabetical) so we don't have to read the entire list every...
10:01 AM darktable Bug #12477 (Duplicate): [2.6.0 RC1 & RC2] Windows start error


11:27 PM darktable Bug #12468 (Closed: upstream): No access to map view in 2.6.0rc2
Perfect, then closing here. Thanks.
08:42 PM darktable Feature #12473: Preferences GUI still in alpha in the 2.6.0rc1 version
I agree with you and waiting for your patch to include in the next major release. Thanks.
04:36 PM darktable Bug #12468: No access to map view in 2.6.0rc2
I suppose this should be reported to the Mint maintainers as there is nothing dt can do about this.
The issue is t...


12:12 PM darktable Bug #12466: It's not possible to delete/modify preset in module
Yes a preset is recognized by its signature. And as you've seen having 2 preset entries with the very same values con...

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