Pascal Obry





03:19 PM darktable Bug #12367: darktable build from master branch crashes
impossible to tell the issue with this backtrace. can you test again with current master?


09:45 AM darktable Bug #12363 (Closed: invalid): Export option for "long edge"/"short edge"
As long as a remember it has always been this case in dt... I've been using post 1.0 release :) Anyway closing.


06:02 PM darktable Bug #12357 (Closed: invalid): button to togle soft proof has no effect
Sure no effect since sRGB or AdobeRGB are color space and not a printer profile.
06:00 PM darktable Feature #12358 (Closed: invalid): find
Please help yourself and read the documentation! If you've missed that I'm sure you've also missed 90% of dt features.
05:59 PM darktable Bug #12363: Export option for "long edge"/"short edge"
Not sure to understand your problem. If you put 3000 in both entries then you can export pictures independently of th...


05:08 PM darktable Bug #12352 (Confirmed): blend changes lost
The comment comes from Johannes in 21431388ef22ad68f5962af9120bac462c2f54c8 (back in 2011)
Johannes, any rememberi...


05:20 PM darktable Bug #12127: Darktable is a pile of hot shit on Mac
Let me be as useful as you:
"Mac is a pile of hot shit under Darktable"
Is that useful? Don't think so.


05:38 PM darktable Feature #9385: Content aware spot removal
This is implemented in a branch that is currently being worked. See branch retouch here:


10:49 PM darktable Feature #12023 (Closed: invalid): Please add support to rotate sport removal tool's eclipse stroke
ctrl + mouse move :)


08:36 PM darktable Feature #11978: print in background
I'm not sure this will do some good. In fact after each print I look at the picture to see if the color is ok and if ...

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