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08:28 PM darktable Feature #9723 (Fixed): Hotkeys to modify brush
Is there any way to assing hotkeys to adjust the size of brushes? It would be great when using a wacom tablet to use ...


02:41 PM darktable Feature #9719 (New): Adapatative Histogram in curves/levels (local selections)
It would be nice if the levels and tone curve plugins adapted its histogram wen doing a selection with brush, route, ...


08:31 PM darktable Feature #9095: Missing color picker in colorize and ND filter
Still not solved in 1.2 RC2...


06:23 PM darktable Bug #9175 (New): Color zone, equalizer and tone curve interfaces coherence
I'll try to explain my request: I've found very useful the changes in the interface of tone curve's interface in 1.1....


12:24 AM darktable Feature #9085: Modular Workflow and Compositor Interface
It would be quite interesting but... is it really user-friendly? I mean, DT is a very nice "gate" to new Linux users ...


12:14 PM darktable Feature #9094: Support for multiple instance of iop modules
It would be great to have multiple instances for every plugin; for example, we could use colorize twice with differen...


12:24 AM darktable Feature #9095 (Triaged): Missing color picker in colorize and ND filter

I've found that the new version has not a color picker tool in the colorize and graduated density plugins (in the e...

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