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10:08 PM darktable Revision 3cd42322 (darktable): refresh view after import from camera
this fix #5166
03:15 PM darktable Revision 6cf7d94a (darktable): generate-cache : allow to generate until mipmap 8
mipmap 8 is the full preview image, use in culling and preview when zooming
03:02 PM darktable Revision 80eee44b (darktable): culling/preview : fix focus when no mouse move
02:03 PM darktable Revision 3e4832bb (darktable): darkroom : don't rewind filmstrip on next/previous accels
this happen in the case where the current image in not in filmstrip anymore


10:58 PM darktable Revision 7432b4e2 (darktable): cache : add debug output to show thumbnail generation source
03:35 PM darktable Revision 34635737 (darktable): duplicate : fix overlays
this fix #5127
12:45 PM darktable Revision 1bd0d448 (darktable): darkroom : handle prev/next accels if image not in current list
this fix #5042


11:52 PM darktable Revision 989d68d4 (darktable): focus iop : add css class 'dt_module_focus' for later use
10:55 PM darktable Revision 9acbd0be (darktable): thumb : ensure button_press on reject is not repercuted to parents
in culling with zoomed image, this avoid to pan when rejecting an image


09:49 PM darktable Revision 1fe940ae (darktable): thumbs : consider mouse outside thumbtable if table hidden
this fix dt_view_get_images_to_act_on in culling without filmstrip

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