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10:22 PM darktable Bug #10928: Spot removal tool has an offset at target
FYI, there's a pending pull request which mostly fix the pb : PR #1161
10:20 PM darktable Bug #10928: Spot removal tool has an offset at target
Duplicated by #10963 : issue with mask and crop&rotate
10:19 PM darktable Bug #10963 (Duplicate): issue with mask and crop&rotate


06:22 PM darktable Revision f4ab0a1a (darktable): view : ensure pointer values stay valid


06:23 PM darktable Revision 778a0a4b (darktable): collect: change date tooltip


10:45 PM darktable Revision 761e7773 (darktable): collection : be more permissive with dates format
allow to use uncomplete date-time, like 2014 or 2014:05 etc...
only the year part is now mandatory


10:30 PM darktable Bug #10942 (New): problem with some iop accels
There seems to be a pb with some iop accels :
Affect iop which use the "dt_accel_connect_iop" method to connect acce...
10:25 PM darktable Bug #10941 (Fixed): regression on masks
OK, the problem with accels seems more complex than excpected. I'll close this one and open a new one
09:51 PM darktable Revision ad88bef7 (darktable): spots: fix unselecting tools
09:00 PM darktable Bug #10941 (In Progress): regression on masks
The 'form removed" bug should be fixed now in master.
For the spots shortkey, The pb seems seems to occur if you lea...

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