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03:38 PM darktable Feature #8580 (Fixed): Allow custom selection of plugins retained by the 'copy' button of history stack plugin
Currently the history stack's plugin copies all history from an image. This includes the rotation set in LR mode and ...
03:32 PM darktable Feature #8579 (Fixed): Make history stack clipboard available as 'style' in DR mode
The style menu should also contain an automatic entry referring to the history stack plugin's clipboard, if this has ...
03:30 PM darktable Bug #8578 (Triaged): History stack plugin looses clipboard
This plugin looses the clipboard contents when LT is switched to DR and back or when the film roll is switched or a n...


01:25 PM darktable Bug #8576 (Fixed): master breaks because of -Werror
I reported this to the list twice already but it probably still fell through the cracks:
cc1: warnings being treat...


10:51 AM darktable Feature #8573 (Triaged): Improve usability of reset button/plugins
There are two issues with reset:
1. It is duplicate functionality. Basically selecting the default preset from the...
10:31 AM darktable Feature #8572 (In Progress): Improve usability of reject toggle
The reject toggle turns red when clicked and gets a circular outline.
While the mouse hovers over it, the only way ...


03:58 PM darktable Bug #8552 (Duplicate): Crop and rotate frame does not show aspect
To reproduce:
- open image in darkroom mode
- activate 'crop & rotate'
- set 'aspect' to 'square'
- select other ...
03:54 PM darktable Feature #8551 (New): Allow filmstrip/lighttable to display data from multiple collections
This would allow displaying images from all other collections that are within a certain temporal- or geo-spatial dist...
03:48 PM darktable Feature #8550 (Triaged): Add RMB menu to lighttable and filmstrip
Basically this should contain menu entries to the buttons in the 'select', 'selected image[s]', 'history stack' and '...
03:44 PM darktable Feature #8549 (Closed: won't fix): Display current collection name in top bar
The collection plugin takes a lot of screen space and all I need it for, 99.9% of the time, is to display this inform...

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