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06:25 PM darktable Feature #12508: Compress history stack in lighttable
@Pascal. I think that button (or that function during export) should only work on selected images, so only selected i...
05:14 PM darktable Feature #12508 (New): Compress history stack in lighttable
This week there have been made a few new posts/replies among the DT users in the mailing list about adding an option ...


09:22 AM darktable Feature #12302 (New): Labelling and metadata works on mouse (h)over image instead of clicked imag...
I added this issue in the Darktable mail list as well, under the same title. In short, in Lighttable as well as Darkr...


03:17 PM darktable Feature #12266 (New): Larger text field metadata field 'Description'
I already asked if there can be full IPTC support in the metadata module, but for now it would be a great help if the...


12:23 PM darktable Feature #11494: Manual lens correction


02:24 PM darktable Feature #12184 (New): Display filename over | beneath thumbnails in lighttable and darkroom
When shooting a lot of images, some series that have images that look very much alike, it is much easier to scan the ...


12:46 PM darktable Feature #10435: Custom order in modules (Favorites)
carlos martin wrote:
> I propose that the user can arrange to your liking modules that are favorites modules.


09:39 PM darktable Feature #8698: For another user: Support full IPTC metadata editing
I found these pages with information about possible IPTC fields. There are a lot! But not all are necessary and widel...


03:56 PM darktable Feature #8793: tags in alphabetical order
I can understand the idea behind the current ordering, but it only works when having not so many tags. When after a w...
02:43 PM darktable Bug #11110: Copyright and Maker info not added during import to Fuji RAF files
Forget it, so stupid of me. I didn't see that I could add a check mark in front of those import options. :(

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