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07:07 AM darktable Feature #12436 (New): Make noiseprofiling scripts aware of path to darktable-cli binary
Attempting to make noise profiles to new camera, installed darktable from git into custom directory.
After getting...
06:46 AM darktable Camera Support #12435 (Fixed): Fujifilm X-A5 noise profiles
Compiled git version of Darktable and managed to make noise profiles. Please include in release.


05:13 PM darktable Camera Support #11134 (Fixed): Sony A37 noise profile
Made defocused files for noise profiling.


12:26 AM darktable Camera Support #10161: Panasonic DMC-LX5 aspect ratio modes

Submitting different aspect ratio files.


04:06 PM darktable Feature #10170: Dual ISO support
There is also a dual ISO plugin for Lightroom:
03:58 PM darktable Feature #10170 (In Progress): Dual ISO support
The nice feature has been added to Canon cameras via Magic Lantern software - ability to shoot with 2 isos at the sam...


08:05 PM darktable Bug #8651: Reviewing CR2 in lightable without using emb. jpg makes memory usage grows infinitely
Had such memory issue when open a dir with over 500 jpg/ARW files, miniature number was set to default 89... Set it t...

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