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07:04 AM darktable Bug #12681 (New): Keyboard Shortcut Error in Manual.
The keyboard shortcuts shown in the manual .....'z' and 'ctrl-z' are now replaced with 'w' and ctrl-w'
See Section 2...


08:46 AM darktable Bug #12680 (New): Underexposure Indicator
The underexposure indicator appears not to be working but the overexposure indicator is working correctly.
I have ch...


07:28 PM darktable Bug #12634 (New): Select Values for Tone Curve
Selecting a range of values from the image to be seen on the tone curve. The 'pop-up' indicates that this is done wi...


06:53 AM darktable Bug #12611 (New): JPG Compression to email
After exporting to JPG format (95%) onto the desktop at full (0,0) resolution, if I later export to email at a lower ...


08:36 PM darktable Bug #12601 (New): Spot Removal Problem
When a spot-removal area is defined using the add-path option and before the default replacement area is moved then t...


04:45 AM darktable Feature #12282 (New): Over/Under Exposure Indicator
The two indicators for over/under exposure (below the image on the darkroom tab) would be more helpful if there was a...


11:37 PM darktable Camera Support #11858 (Fixed): Noise profile for Fujifilm X-Pro2
My results and profile data is attached
Testing over the entire range appear to be very satisfactory.


04:43 PM darktable Bug #11601 (Fixed): Parametric Masking Error
Parametric mask is displayed as streaks over the image and is unusable.
Initially noticed on a tiff file but the att...


12:10 AM darktable Feature #10982 (Duplicate): Saving Users Module Presets
Currently the users presets that relate to modules are not positively stored in the same way that styles (for instanc...


11:23 PM website Bug #10717 (Closed: invalid): Segfault with 32 bit install
A fresh install on a 32 bit machine with 4 Gb. memory.
dt opens correctly without any images in place but crashes wi...

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