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08:06 AM darktable Bug #8999 (Fixed): Filmstrip's star rating and reject buttons aren't working anymore
The little toggle buttons that appear when hovering the mouse cursor on images in the filmstrip seem to not be workin...


12:04 PM darktable Bug #8827 (Patch attached): Image information isn't updated
I've posted a possible fix for this here


08:43 AM darktable Bug #8919 (Fixed): more modules panel show no content if expanded by default
Applied in changeset darktable|commit:dfb017511732d6e0d787691308a77f9d64d75534.
08:43 AM darktable Feature #8726 (Fixed): Make 'advanced edit' default when creating styles
Applied in changeset darktable|commit:7c3db2f6b298f5edab5359e231d03fbfcbd0f96f.


01:27 PM darktable Bug #8919 (Patch attached): more modules panel show no content if expanded by default should fix this.
01:13 PM darktable Revision dfb01751 (darktable): Call show() on moduleslist items so that they show up correctly in expanded state (fixes #8919 ).
08:39 AM darktable Revision 314acbf8 (darktable): Change styles' buttons layout in a 2x2 grid like other modules.
08:39 AM darktable Revision a35e6090 (darktable): Enable styles modification gui and backend.
08:39 AM darktable Revision 7c3db2f6 (darktable): Remove the advanced mode of styles edition dialog (fixes #8726 ).
08:39 AM darktable Revision d72b6b93 (darktable): Add a scrolled_window to styles list in lighttable.

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