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02:28 AM darktable Revision 290d170b (darktable): noise profile: Add Nikon D7500, fixes #12095
(cherry picked from commit 4cfbce69d5efbfe1b70373153c63eca7dfc48e13)
02:28 AM darktable Revision f346eb89 (darktable): noise profile: Add Canon Powershot G1 X M III, fixes #12108
(cherry picked from commit 4750699a3264b51359d67f1e14dad5454e55c49e)
02:27 AM darktable Revision 3fc5efdb (darktable): noiseprofile.schema: allow longer strings, higher iso values
json validate gives an error with strings in #12108 and
iso values in 12108. Check is too strict.
(cherry picked fro...


07:37 PM darktable Camera Support #12029 (Triaged): Denoise profile: Pentax KP
Yes the plots in noise_result.pdf allow validating the result. Green channel in "Flat noise level" and "noise level" ...


09:14 PM darktable Camera Support #11625: Pentax KP noise samples (PEF + DNG) for download at google drive
I get the warning about not underexposed for all of the images.
09:13 PM darktable Camera Support #12029: Denoise profile: Pentax KP
Did you have the same problem with not underexposed as in #11625?
08:47 PM darktable Camera Support #12002 (Duplicate): Denoise profile for Nikon D7500
done in #12095
08:23 PM darktable Camera Support #12095 (Fixed): Noise profile: Nikon D7500
Applied in changeset commit:darktable|4cfbce69d5efbfe1b70373153c63eca7dfc48e13.
08:23 PM darktable Camera Support #12108 (Fixed): Noise profile : Canon G1 X III
Applied in changeset commit:darktable|4750699a3264b51359d67f1e14dad5454e55c49e.
07:16 PM darktable Revision ace20731 (darktable): Merge pull request #1673 from schenlap/noiseprofiles
change noiseprofile.schema

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