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02:38 PM darktable Bug #12360: can't get tethering to work with a7r2 and windows version
Maybe this can help you :
02:36 PM darktable Feature #12361 (Closed: invalid): white balance
You can already do that: copy/paste the developement between pictures and batch apply :


12:13 AM darktable Bug #12324: Apply lens correction module after color profiles gamma correction module
12:12 AM darktable Bug #10974 (Patch attached): Lens correction before exposure


07:29 AM darktable Feature #12343 (Duplicate): Noise profile for Nikon 1 J3
07:25 AM website Feature #12218: $SEQUENCE
the ratio work/benefit seems not worth it. What for do you need this ?
07:13 AM darktable Bug #12347 (Patch attached): Invert module does not work for raw images
07:08 AM darktable Feature #12301 (Triaged): Channel Mixer -- Fixed Sum Toggle
Ah you're right, the luma gets affected as well. I have programmed a similar feature as what you have asked, in the c...
06:57 AM darktable Bug #12323: TIFF coolscan 10 bit images rendered wrong
So I don't get which part is 10 bits.
06:53 AM darktable Bug #12328 (Triaged): display profile not kept from session to session

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