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08:21 PM darktable Feature #11991: Rename module name
Duplicate of


08:30 PM darktable Bug #12250 (New): Exposure module : mask preview broken
The mask preview is broken in the exposure module. See the screenshot.
Tech details :
- darktable compiled from G...


08:21 PM darktable Feature #12234 (New): Set export resolution with printing size and DPI
Some users have complained that they have to compute the output resolution themselves when they need a specific dot d...


06:20 PM darktable Feature #8421: Export: option to exclude metadata
Related to


10:41 AM darktable Feature #11357: Option to export and not include EXIF data
I second that. I think this is important especially for GPS-tagged pictures published online.


03:38 AM darktable Bug #12093 (New): Import silently crashes when opening/deleting image
h2. Reproduce the bug:
# import RAW pictures from a SD card or USB-connected camera to an external HDD
# during t...


07:06 PM darktable Feature #11993: Detect duplicates and near-duplicates in the database
Dropping this for future reference :


05:41 PM darktable Feature #11993 (New): Detect duplicates and near-duplicates in the database
h2. Problem
It can happen that the same picture is saved mutiple times on the disk, either as exact duplicate or ...
04:18 PM darktable Feature #11959: Color balance in HSV mode
What I suggest is achieving the same purpose in a different way. A color balance just balances colors, the way it doe...


11:21 PM darktable Bug #11988 (Triaged): Import photos in folders with $EXIF metadata leads to inconsistencies
While trying to import RAW pictures from a memory card in folders following the structure $(EXIF_YEAR)-$(EXIF_MONTH)-...

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