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09:34 PM darktable Bug #12349 (Patch attached): Local contrast Laplacian : creates strong halos


05:07 PM website Bug #12567: filmic module
The same change happens on the latitude, which is suspiciously low in your settings.
Try the same with grey = 8 % ...


04:53 PM darktable Bug #12598: demosaicing process
Demosaicing is essentially an expensive high-tech interpolation to fill the blanks left by the Bayer array. If you zo...
03:46 PM darktable Bug #12594 (Confirmed): Non-applicable modules → 2.6 regression
03:45 PM darktable Feature #12593: lighttable zoomed view when moving among photos
More GTK garbage to debug :'(
03:43 PM darktable Bug #12598 (Closed: invalid): demosaicing process
The global preference is applied on the preview (in-software) when the zoom factor is < 100 %, for performance reason...


05:34 AM darktable Feature #12588: File names - display and modify
C is a real nightmare, but it's also the best we have to make pixel processing fast, work on CPU and GPU, interface t...


01:33 AM darktable Feature #12588: File names - display and modify
There is no "call OS" in C. There is only "handle bytes yourself" in C and check that you the OS is happy with it and...
10:41 PM darktable Feature #12588: File names - display and modify
Claude Jolicoeur wrote:
> Pascal Obry wrote:
> > No, I'm just suggesting to adopt the dt way of working, this has b...
10:10 PM darktable Bug #12585: Cannot export to Facebook
I don't get why people still use Facebook after Cambridge Analytica. If it were up to me, I would remove dt's support...

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