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01:17 AM darktable Bug #11788 (Fixed): Darktable freezes when tagging a large collection
Tagging large collections is slow. Tagging 100 images on my system takes ~5 seconds, tagging 250 000 images takes age...


12:26 AM darktable Bug #11779 (New): Cropping is not automatically saved when switching to Lighttable view
darktable-2.2.5-2.fc26.x86_64, Fedora 26, Gnome 3 over X11 session, NVidia videocard with proprietary driver installe...


02:25 AM darktable Feature #11500: Keyboard navigation for zoomed photos in darkroom view
Looks like Feature #11031?
02:17 AM darktable Feature #11555: variable height in tagging panel
Variable-height is useful for other panels too. "Collect images" panel may show list of folders or list of film rolls...


10:32 PM darktable Bug #11034: Keyboard shortcuts & non-US keyboard layouts
> You can keep two copies of ~/.config/darktable/keyboardrc…
Probably I was not clear. I have two (or more) keyboa...
03:59 PM darktable Bug #11034 (Closed: won't fix): Keyboard shortcuts & non-US keyboard layouts
This is a usability issue.
I have two keyboard layouts, the first one is en_US, the second one is not (it is non-l...
03:42 PM darktable Feature #11031: Lighttable view: keyboard shortcuts for zoom in/zoom out
See also #8850.
03:28 PM darktable Feature #11030: Move status bar from header to top toolbar
> …the proposed location won't work, the darktable window is already too big in its minimal size, and that would make...


12:40 AM darktable Bug #11033 (Fixed): Invisible images remain selected and subject for tagging operations
1. Create an image collection by tag X (i. e. images which have tag X attached).
2. Select few images. ...


10:28 PM darktable Feature #11031: Lighttable view: keyboard shortcuts for zoom in/zoom out
The request is applicable to darkroom view as well.
In darkroom view, Ctrl+mouse wheel changes zoom level (i. e. ...

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