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10:28 AM darktable Bug #8593: MacOSX: Dartkable master crashes during image import
What version do you use and what macos version?
10:25 AM darktable Bug #8612: font problem on mac os 10.6.8
Very strange, firstly see. Could you open terminal and enter this:
cd /Applications/
10:20 AM darktable Bug #8613 (Fixed): GTK theme setting can't be saved in setting dialog.
I have this problem from summer 2011. Path that i'm entering into gtk theme is not saved after restart. I can modify ...


02:29 AM darktable Feature #8470 (Fixed): "in process" label for thumbnail in darkroom mode
Big central image shows text if image rendering in process.
Could you add something like it for thumbnail in the lef...
02:23 AM darktable Bug #8469 (Fixed): filmroll doesn't import / create thumbnails
Hello, i just build darktable-0.8 from my ebuild.
I removed darktable files from ~/.cache and ~/.config and start c...


12:44 AM darktable Feature #8379 (Fixed): Add lensfun enable/disable cmake configure support
Please, add lensfun enable/disable cmake configure support.
12:41 AM darktable Bug #8378 (Fixed): Add AM gconf into m4/ catalog
Please, add gconf aclocal module into m4 catalog for 0.7.1 branch.
All AM that used should be in sources.


11:41 PM darktable Feature #8325: multiple files to dt on command line
What the difference to #56?

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