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07:03 AM darktable Bug #8783: XMP sidecar files from Bibble are not used/compatible
Arjun is correct, darktable does indeed seem to append to the file, rather than overwriting it (kudos). Bibble's data...


07:18 PM darktable Feature #8777: Styles in Export options
Sorry Ivan, I misunderstood. Yes, the best way to properly integrate it would be to include it not only in the interf...
07:12 PM darktable Feature #8779: DT should detect RAW+JPG and offer to import only one
Couldn't this be controlled via a filter? For instance the keyword filter in the left-hand panel in the lighttable ad...
09:27 AM darktable Feature #8777: Styles in Export options
Thanks Simon for adding the Category, sorry about that.
And this is why I love opensource - Ivan's idea sounds ace...


06:11 PM darktable Feature #8777 (Fixed): Styles in Export options
I have used Bibble for a while and recently switched to darkroom. Pretty excellent software all round, but with a cou...

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