04:24 AM darktable Feature #8498: Add an undo system for lighttable and darkroom
I've been using Darktalbe for many years now and I sill hit Ctrl-Z when I make a mistake. :) This definately seems hi...


12:43 AM darktable Bug #9873: Tooltip for (X) button on lower pane
The (X) does not reset or delete the photo, when clicked (or when one hits R on the keyboard) the photo will be marke...


09:35 PM darktable Bug #8749: Metadata disappears if cursor is moved over another image before applying.
I would suggest that if possible the metadata be updated in real time as it is entered with an undo option using <ctr...


08:07 PM darktable Feature #9015 (New): Drag and drop to copy or move images to filmroll
It is wonderful to have the (new?) move and copy options in the selected image[s] plugin. When will we be able to dra...
07:46 PM darktable Bug #9014 (Fixed): Crashes if numer is pressed while zoomed with Z key in lighttable
If one tries to assign a star rating to an image while holding down the z key to zoom, dt hangs. Also the star rating...


09:44 PM darktable Feature #9007 (New): 100% zoom in lighttable mode
it would be great to be able to zoom in more then simple Alt+1 full-screen (preferably with a keystroke that would go...
09:38 PM darktable Feature #8716: Film Strip mode in Lighttable
Simon Spannagel wrote:
> Let's hear what others think of this...
I think this would be a great feature! (and far ...
07:57 PM darktable Feature #9006 (Fixed): Comma as Keyword Seperator
In most photo editors if one types a string of keywords (John, jack, Jill) separated by commas they will be added to ...
07:40 PM darktable Bug #9000 (Confirmed): Duplicated tags upon exporting images


09:43 PM darktable Feature #8758: Choose if overwrite or rename output file when export to disk
I think that a check box with it's default set in preferences would be an excellent solution.

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