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08:02 AM darktable Bug #12339: Collection selection is without effect
Maybe someone with a deeper understanding of that module may have a look. Here are the relevant config strings from d...


08:34 AM darktable Bug #12339: Collection selection is without effect
I have experienced the same or a similar issue. For me it occured all of a sudden when working with recent git master...


06:33 PM darktable Bug #12279: Wrong LAB values for blue colors
Please note that the color picker tool (left side panel) shows you the color values of the image converted into the s...


08:32 PM darktable Bug #11801: JPEG Export of image contains artefacts
Could you please check the proposals from reply #1.


09:38 AM darktable Revision 9b13ae2c (darktable): Merge pull request #1693 from rabauke/my_blend
blend: perform all arithmetic floating pint operations in single precision


11:38 PM darktable Revision fa847e64 (darktable): opencl: better readability of debug output on memory usage
(cherry picked from commit c729aab62c1f32326c1986cc0616b1d3ccf7fdb8)
11:37 PM darktable Revision 164aa9c6 (darktable): ashift: fix for last commit
(cherry picked from commit e27cc0d7bd3bda7353703dd3d51c304b77945341)
11:37 PM darktable Revision a915c3bf (darktable): ashift: usability improvement
allow user to modify radius for manual selection/deselection of lines
(cherry picked from commit 8c7804aa4693536ce1a...
11:35 PM darktable Revision e2936633 (darktable): darktable-cltest: do not print summary statistics on opencl usage
(cherry picked from commit b1a1d6b4caa06543cb9c33b675033400c13727e3)
11:34 PM darktable Revision 7909b35e (darktable): ashift: take aspect parameter into account when judging on neutral...
if all parameters are neutral we just copy intput->output
(cherry picked from commit a9d47f5dd6bc871eb29397a15aae81a...

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