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04:39 PM darktable Revision f5a00e35 (darktable): Updated Lua section of the usermanual. Changed Lua version to 5.3
and updated code examples to reflect current best practices.
03:20 PM darktable Revision 267b409d (darktable): Added checks to ensure that the view is lighttable and the mode
is either file manager or zoomable.


09:47 AM darktable Revision 78709dd3 (darktable): Updated with lua api fix.
09:47 AM darktable Revision c15b6ab9 (darktable): Fixed is_password field of lua entry widget to match the API manual.
When is_password was set to true, meaning the field should be hidden,
the visibility was set to true, instead of false.


09:40 PM darktable Revision 5982ff25 (darktable): Added definitions for default panel sizes since they are used in more
than one place.
09:27 AM darktable Revision 227e6b3f (darktable): Added darktable.gui.panel_get_size and darktable.gui.panel_set_size
functions to change the size of the side and bottom panels.
Updated Lua API documentation with new functions.


09:50 AM darktable Revision 456aefd6 (darktable): Changed Lua API version to 6.0.0. Removal of the facebook, flickr, and picasa module storages broke backward compatibility which caused the major version change. Updated Lua API manual to reflect the removed module storages, addition of piwigo module storage, addition of TIMESTAMP collection properties, and dt_lua_image_t metadata additions. Updated with Lua changes.


09:36 PM darktable Revision 4b5046d5 (darktable): Added warning about dt_lua_image.is_raw not being set on import


07:26 PM darktable Revision 68269e2a (darktable): Removed signal DT_SIGNAL_COLLECTION_CHANGED from dt_image_set_raw_aspect_ratio, which stops the interruption of the import and puts it's speed on par with importing under any other sort order.


06:33 AM darktable Revision d61118be (darktable): Fixed cache release statement in image_jobs.c so that aspect ratio could be calculated. Added dt_image_set_aspect_ratio_if_different to apply the aspect_ratio from image_jobs.c if it was different than the aspect_ratio currently in the database (which was probably set on import or by dt_image_set_raw_aspect_ratio).

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