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09:36 PM darktable Revision 4b5046d5 (darktable): Added warning about dt_lua_image.is_raw not being set on import


09:52 PM darktable Revision f871b125 (darktable): Changed DT_LIGHTTABLE_LAYOUT_EXPOSE to DT_LIGHTTABLE_LAYOUT_CULLING


07:26 PM darktable Revision 68269e2a (darktable): Removed signal DT_SIGNAL_COLLECTION_CHANGED from dt_image_set_raw_aspect_ratio, which stops the interruption of the import and puts it's speed on par with importing under any other sort order.


06:33 AM darktable Revision d61118be (darktable): Fixed cache release statement in image_jobs.c so that aspect ratio could be calculated. Added dt_image_set_aspect_ratio_if_different to apply the aspect_ratio from image_jobs.c if it was different than the aspect_ratio currently in the database (which was probably set on import or by dt_image_set_raw_aspect_ratio).


05:27 AM darktable Revision 99183c24 (darktable): Sped up sort by aspect_ratio by using aspect_ratio from the unprocessed raw. Added function dt_image_set_raw_aspect_ratio() for setting the aspect_ratio from raw. Changed dt_image_set_aspect_ratio_to() and dt_image_reset_aspect_ratio() to use the image cache for updaing the image aspect_ratio.


01:23 AM darktable Revision f9fa8a1d (darktable): Added aspect_ratio to dt_image_cache_allocate()
07:59 PM darktable Revision bb847183 (darktable): Added check aspect_ratio to dt_image_t. Set aspect_ratio = 0.0 in image init. Added check to see if aspect_raio exists and if not calculate it so that it's saved in dt_image_cache_write_release().


04:20 PM darktable Revision b45677f9 (darktable): Added check to change_image() to see if a channel was already set. If a channel was set, we use that instead of defaulting to the red channel.
Fixes #3528.


01:05 PM darktable Revision 7a60c40a (darktable): Added gui_update to picker_callback to finish turning color picker on. Fixes #3483


09:55 PM darktable Bug #12652: Histogram not updating when clicking down the history stack
Opened a different image and applied a different white balance. After that the histogram updated correctly going up ...

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