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03:46 AM darktable Bug #8682 (Duplicate): cropping at max zoom level has weird artifacts
As seen in this screenshot:
There are very weird issue...


04:10 AM darktable Bug #8678 (Triaged): "import" means two different things
There's a confusing bit of language in the UI on importing. The section in lighttable for importing images is called ...
04:02 AM darktable Feature #8677 (Closed: upstream): "import from camera" doesn't show thumbnails
It would be extremely helpful if the "import from camera" feature showed thumbnails for RAW files in the listing.
03:54 AM darktable Bug #8676 (Closed: upstream): import from camera doesn't rescan
The Mass Storage Camera "import from camera" feature doesn't rescan the filesystem when removing / re-inserting a mem...


04:17 PM darktable Bug #8611 (Triaged): image processor gets stuck after loading corrupt image
After loading a 0kb NEF file, the lighttable displays a gray, empty thumbnail and an annoying popup text (#8609). Thi...
04:03 PM darktable Bug #8610 (Closed: invalid): possible race condition when removing image from DB
When removing an item from the database (in this case, some corrupted images that DT imported), I found that I needed...
03:58 PM darktable Bug #8609 (Fixed): loading corrupted images displays rapidly-changing tooltip
When importing some corrupted images (#8607), the lighttable displays them as gray slides with no thumbnail and displ...
03:52 PM darktable Bug #8608 (Fixed): clicking on corrupted item causes DT to crash
The import process managed to import some corrupted images (#8607) into the DB and displayed them as gray slides with...
03:45 PM darktable Bug #8607 (Fixed): import from flaky memory card loses data
Some part of the import process seems to have lost some of my data, though not entirely its fault.
I had "remove a...

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