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01:05 AM darktable Feature #10638 (New): Export image with autoresolution
Why the export width and height is px? More better %, most easy to export images
Or more better... when you set heig...


01:30 PM darktable Feature #9439: add a scrollbar in light table mode
+1 , we need a scroolbar in lightable
01:26 PM darktable Feature #10473: "Open in folder" dialog in lightable
Sorry for duplicate I did not see this request.
established a future version?
I think it's a very important thing...


01:14 AM darktable Feature #10473 (Duplicate): "Open in folder" dialog in lightable
I think it would be useful to introduce a button to open the directory where the photo. Sometimes I want to copy a ph...


09:10 PM darktable Feature #10456 (Closed: invalid): Possibility crowdfunding?
I think it could be considered to make a collect donations for darktable.
The project already has paypal donations...


03:14 PM darktable Bug #10439 (Duplicate): right menu in lightable not well visualized
The right menu on lightable not visualized good.
some data not shown complete (save to disk option, file format, glo...


01:54 AM darktable Feature #10436: Scroolbar in light table
sorry for double.
I observed that the request was 2 years old and created another to be better reflected.
I think...
01:44 AM darktable Feature #10436 (Duplicate): Scroolbar in light table
I propose to add a scrollbar on light table.
When I have many pictures is difficult to move fast
01:41 AM darktable Feature #10435: Custom order in modules (Favorites)
the order reflects the sequence darktable will process modules?
is no more interesting our work order?
Thanks and...
01:38 AM darktable Feature #10434: Export to DNG
Raw to DNG
PD : would be interesting (optional) option not to compress the DNG in order to extract the RAW if you ...

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