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09:10 AM darktable Feature #10369 (Fixed): Include Number/Total of the order in the Ligttable when zoom view
It will be very usefull for me, that when I view an image in Lighttable in zoom mode (only one image at a time). The ...
09:05 AM darktable Bug #10368 (Duplicate): Number of total images not updating in lighttable
I use very intensive the lighttable for select my final images from my huge amount of images in each session. Congrat...


10:39 PM darktable Bug #10172: Exporting changes image characteristics
Hello Pascal,
Thank you very much for kindly help.
I don't use PNG for export. I usually use JPG for export...
03:37 PM darktable Bug #10172: Exporting changes image characteristics
With the other profiles (Adobe RGB) with JPG the problem is the same.
The only that chages a little is PNG with Ad...


01:40 AM darktable Bug #10172 (Closed: invalid): Exporting changes image characteristics

When I export a NEF image to a JPG (web safe or Adobe RGB) the settings of the image are changed, mainly the satura...

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