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07:53 PM darktable Bug #10089 (New): database lacks 'not null' constraints
Already spoke about this with houz, documenting here for posterity and to make sure we don't forget.
irc quote:


07:00 PM darktable Feature #10066 (New): ability to update date/time
it would be great if the metadata editor also supported modifying the date/time of an image (in the sqlite database, ...


10:34 PM darktable Bug #10051: darktable just crashed
awesome, thanks Ulrich!
04:57 AM darktable Bug #10051: darktable just crashed
Here you go, in my entire database there's only one file called IMG_3537.GIF so it must be this one.


04:20 PM darktable Feature #10054 (New): highlevel overview of what's in my selected collection
let's say i want to work on a photo album of a recent vacation, and i use the collect module to narrow things down by...
03:45 PM darktable Bug #10050: darktable UI does not appear
i'll have to get back to you on that, once it happens again
for my ref, this happened with id 33017
03:31 PM darktable Feature #10053 (Duplicate): collect module: date comparisons
first of all DT is a great piece of software. Thanks a lot for it!
One thing i noticed, it seems like you can ...
03:12 PM darktable Bug #10049: duplicate image -> darkroom -> duplicate disappears from lighttable
so just to clarify, when you create a duplicate, lighttable will show all duplicates (the new one + older ones) even ...
03:00 PM darktable Bug #10050: darktable UI does not appear
No this rarely happens, for the most part DT works very well for me. only occassionally does this happen.
I run loca...
06:08 AM darktable Bug #10051: darktable just crashed
so the main error is:
*** Error in `darktable': free(): corrupted unsorted chunks: 0x00007f4d6ca8c330 ***
i sho...

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