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10:30 AM darktable Feature #9908: Color Zones: tweak blending to increase usuable hue range
It seems like the github link is down. Could you please reupload it, @Mirek?
Also, here is another related issue, ...
10:11 AM darktable Bug #12126: Color zones: picking and adjusting colours
This is probably related to #9908.


03:22 PM darktable Camera Support #10462: Color Profile for Nikon d5100
Hi, I apologize for necro-bumping, but I've finally solved all my similar NIKON D5100 color/basecurve-related problem...
02:36 PM darktable Camera Support #11053: Incorrect white-balance with Nikon D7200
Hi, I used to have exactly the same problems on my D5100. Greenish tint, weird skintones, lack of distinction between...

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