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09:21 AM darktable Bug #12100: Thetering Crash
Checked! Working! Thanx!


07:02 PM darktable Bug #12100 (Fixed): Thetering Crash
Everytime I use thetering the Gui appears, i can see the Settings. Sometimes even change one. But then Darktable is g...


09:11 AM darktable Feature #11656 (Closed: invalid): Save Export Options as Setting
Hi. I use the git Master Branch and have to say: Excellent Work.
I have a lot of different Companies to work for. Ne...


03:12 PM darktable Bug #11599 (Closed: upstream): [opencl_init] could not create context for device 0: 999
After update of Ubuntu 17.04 and Nvidia-381 i no longer have Open-CL
[opencl_init] opencl related configurat...


09:01 AM darktable Feature #11454 (New): One Image - Many Styles
I have a lot of styles and I want to see one Image in all Styles so I can decide (Or my Customer) which is the one I/...


09:46 PM darktable Feature #11234 (New): import dir in cli
I recently moved from my old Server to an other.
Now all Entrys in database (Folders) are wrong.
So i have to clear...


11:37 AM darktable Feature #10929: Color Profiling
Im using and watching the Git repository and i saw that you are working on the Color Checker.
Can you give me a shor...


09:53 PM darktable Feature #10929: Color Profiling
From what I can say. The Profile/Matrix/whatever which is generated from the Image whith the colorChart applys only t...
11:05 AM darktable Feature #10929 (Triaged): Color Profiling
I have an X-Rite Color Checker. By now I do the color settings by hand.
When I had a look at the colorchecke...


05:29 PM darktable Feature #10607 (New): Uploader/Browser for Lua Scripts and Styles
Hi !
I just saw that there is a repository for Styles and even some LUA Scripts on Github.
It woudl be wonderful ...

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