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06:09 PM darktable Feature #11978: print in background
Tobias Ellinghaus wrote:
> There are a few small problems (for example a use-after-free of @params->p_icc_profile@) ...


08:59 PM darktable Feature #11978: print in background
> No need to have anything in control/, you can keep the callbacks in the current place. In newer code we do that all...


06:47 PM darktable Feature #11978: print in background
It's certainly a feature I wish for most days I print, and hence, selfishly, one I'd be happy to work on.
Another ...


09:13 PM darktable Feature #11978: print in background
Pascal: Thanks for the thoughts on this. I see a useful and a not useful case for background printing:
* *USEFUL* ...
07:57 PM darktable Feature #11978: print in background
Of course a counter-argument to print-in-background would be that on a machine slow enough such that printing is this...
07:29 PM darktable Feature #11978 (In Progress): print in background
Making the "print" button in the print view do its work in the background could improve dt's print functionality. On ...


06:52 PM darktable Revision 0a48753d (darktable): print: use filename for GUI message
As long as we have it, use instead of image ID. Argument is that this
will be more meaningful to the user than an int...


04:31 PM darktable Revision e4e6c3c5 (darktable): temperature: fix reload_defaults
Make sure that reload_defaults() initializes default_enabled and
hide_enable_button to sane values before changing th...


09:12 PM darktable Revision 4f6bf45b (darktable): temperature: allow wb iop for non-raw non-monochrome
Fixes 15d1bf52998b90444af1a92739349de2b306566a which disabled
temperature iop for JPEGs.
Don't bother to set hide_en...


05:33 PM darktable Revision 9109577b (darktable): print: name print job by filename
Name by filename printed rather than "darktable" for display in print
This matches what other programs do, wh...

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