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03:45 PM darktable Revision 50eaaaa7 (darktable): image: duplicate version caching bugfix
Set duplicate image version in the DB before the cache entry for the
image is first allocated. Otherwise, image versi...


07:11 AM darktable Revision 6785006e (darktable): config: use entity for >
to be proper XML
07:11 AM darktable Revision 6e958592 (darktable): config: define ui/cairo_filter
Description cribbed from


08:23 PM darktable Revision 4a657c3c (darktable): histogram: don't recalculate waveform when vertical resize widget
The result looks fine good, and it decouples UI from pixelpipe. It
also makes the widget more responsive when resized.
07:14 PM darktable Revision adbe668d (darktable): histogram: don't need to clear waveform buffer
Don't need initial clear. Every pixel will be written to once calculated.
07:10 PM darktable Revision 31539181 (darktable): histogram: limit redraws, and more succinct cursor change
In motion notify callback, only trigger a redraw if the cursor has
moved between highlight regions.
Also, put cursor...
07:07 PM darktable Revision 08b30773 (darktable): histogram: pass rgb flags to draw routines as array
To simplify code.
07:06 PM darktable Revision a99776b6 (darktable): histogram: draw uses less memory
No need to alloc intermediary buffer for waveform draw. Just use a loop to
copy to the final buffer.
Switch to unali...
07:05 PM darktable Revision 88963b33 (darktable): histogram: separation function to draw each scope
For clarity of code, now that there are three different scopes.
06:53 PM darktable Revision 5a7015e5 (darktable): histogram: use mutex when resizing histogram data
This may prevent a "double free or corruption (!prev)"
crash. Regardless, as _pixelpipe_final_histogram_waveform() or...

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