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07:23 PM darktable Bug #11743 (Incomplete): 2.3.0+929 darkroom crash in gtk_widget_destroy
I just updated darktable after a couple of months, and the darkroom is now unusable due to a consistent crash.


08:51 PM darktable Bug #11131: Nikon D7000 multi-exposure raw handling
Roman Lebedev wrote:
> Doing very different things in every different version/model seems like the modus operandi fo...


07:24 AM darktable Bug #11131: Nikon D7000 multi-exposure raw handling
I just tested on my D7200, and the multi-exposure NEF displays correctly by default.
Checking the ExIF, not only a...


03:47 PM darktable Bug #11131: Nikon D7000 multi-exposure raw handling
It's just an incorrrect white balance. As near as I can tell, the camera is "baking in" the white-balance multiplica...


06:13 PM darktable Feature #10603: Rank of a picture in darkroom
How about using the wording "Image X of Y in collection (Z selected)" when hovering in Lighttable or working on an im...


01:28 AM darktable Feature #10601: Make 'image information' in Lighttable selectable or other means to copy into clipboard
Every camera I've used stores the date in the image header with colons instead of hyphens. It's probably part of the...


02:11 AM darktable Camera Support #10565: Olympus TG-4
Hmm, it seems that my previous message never got posted -- are you still looking for the outdoor ISO series, or is th...


05:55 AM darktable Feature #10532: Write protected sidecar files
There could be other reasons besides setting the XMP read-only that could cause a write error -- filesystem mounted r...


01:39 AM darktable Camera Support #10565: Olympus TG-4
The OoC JPEGs are 4608x3456, so it looks like the camera crops 16 pixels from each side and 8 from top and bottom. I...


02:03 AM darktable Camera Support #10382: Please add Nikon D7200 support
Thanks for merging in the noise profiles, but there's one minor change needed. As-is, the profiles won't show up, be...

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