Paolo Astengo




10:51 PM darktable Bug #11507 (Confirmed): Some Kelvin temerature failure
Today I've started shooting with a Pentax K-5. The wb of my camera probably fails and I've tried to change it using a...


06:50 PM darktable Bug #11457: Brush mask should be transparent
I agree.


10:05 AM darktable Bug #11197: State indicator for toggle buttons (eg under/overexposed)
Hi Mark,
I've solved this issue changing the background color of these buttons.
1) Open your configuration file...


06:39 PM darktable Bug #11251 (New): D3100 tethering problem
I'm facing a problem (segfault) using D3100 in tethering mode. The camera shoots, but just after, darktable crashes.


10:19 AM darktable Feature #11156 (New): Using ESC to break a mouse operation
It w'd be fine if it is possible to break a mouse operation pressing ESC key.
When you are drawing a contour (like...


05:03 PM darktable Bug #11152 (Duplicate): darkroom crashes - opencl?
After last git update, it crashes (iop crop&rotate, exposure etc..)
it displays:
Using host libthread_db librar...


07:23 PM darktable Bug #11127: Sliders unusable
Dear Roman,
after a reboot I don't see the problem anymore. I apologize for this ticket. Sorry
06:04 PM darktable Bug #11127: Sliders unusable
Hi Roman,
I will try. Have you any suggestion about the video recorder I can use?
However, I'll try to better d...
03:43 PM darktable Bug #11127 (Closed: invalid): Sliders unusable
When you move the mouse cursor over the sliders, the cursor change its value even if the mouse is not pressed. This c...


11:47 PM darktable Camera Support #11117: Nikon D3100 - 12bit raw files support
Thank you very much!

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