Translating the usermanual

Some information is already provided by doc/usermanual/README. This wiki page just tries to make it easier and visible to regular users who might want to contribute some translation.

Packages required to build the documentation (tested on debian):

sudo apt-get install doxygen gnome-doc-utils libsaxon-java fop

Download the darktable source code and run the build:

git clone
cd darktable
./ will return some warning in case other packages are missing (tip: these warnings are at the beginning of the long terminal output; run the script twice to see just the relevant information).

First, you must add your language to the file doc/usermanual/po/LINGUAS (e.g.: fr for the french language).
Then run the script and create the po file for your language:

cd build
make update-usermanual-XX

where XX is your language code. A new file will be generated in the root of the git repository: doc/usermanual/po/XX.po. Go ahead and translate it.
To compile the translated manual (PDF export only):

cd build
make darktable-usermanual-XX

A PDF file will be generated and saved in build/doc/usermanual/.
HTML export for translated documentation is not currently supported.

Beware that after each chapter title there is usually a string used for the index of the manual. You should use the main word as first word, regardless of the grammar, to put it in the right letter of the index.
For example, module usage can be translated as "uso dei moduli" (in italian); but I prefer using "moduli, uso" to index it at the M, where the user can easily find it.

If the compilation of the manual doesn't work, it's likely that there's some XML error. You should parse the XML file generated by make with:

xmllint --noout --postvalid --dtdvalid build/doc/usermanual/darktable_single-XX.xml

(See issue #9755#note-14)

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT

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